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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Prince Edward Island

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Ashes's & King's Litter
July 26th, 2016

"1 black/tan boy and 2 ruby girls"

The Proud Parents!
Link to Ashes's page.  x King laying on my lap.

All the pups in this litter have found new wonderful homes.
"I wish them all the best in the future!"

Many thanks for welcoming them into your hearts and homes!

Elsie now lives with Trina Josey of Nova Scotia.
Rose now with with Heather Mitton of New Brunswick.
Copper now lives with 
Megan and David Chipp of Nova Scotia.


Puppies at 8 weeks old...

The black/tan boy - Copper
Copper at 8 weeks ld.

The ruby girls - Elsie and Rose
Elsie at 8 weeks old. Rose at 8 weeks old.

Couple pics. of the clan.  Yup that's Rose peaking out the doggie door. :)
Rose and Elsie at 8 weeks old. Rose, Elsie and Copper at 8 weeks old.


Puppies at 5 weeks old...

Ruby girls... Elsie on the left & Rose on the right.
Rose at 5 weeks old.
Black/Tan boy - Copper.
Boy black/tan at 5 weeks. (Name to come)

Random pics of the clan at 5 weeks old...  :-)
5 weeks old 5 weeks old
5 weeks old 5 weeks old
5 weeks old 5 weeks old
5 weeks old 5 weeks old

Puppy pic. of the day they were born.
Oh they are so little... :-)
Ashes and Kings pups day born.

Contact: Robin Jamieson

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