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Tail Wagging CavalierJAMIESON CAVALIERSTail Wagging Cavalier

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Prince Edward Island

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Boys VS Girls

               For some reason alot of people seem to think "Hey, I want a female puppy." I wonder if they ever stop and think
for a
second and wonder why. Males are just as nice as females and are both very lovable. If you are not getting into breeding then
it shouldn't really matter.  Alot of people think a female is always smaller. Though a male usually seems a bit heavier set,
it doesn't "always" mean they are bigger than the females.  Cavalier weights can vary smaller or larger than these weights but
the standard range is between 12lbs-18lbs and for example
sometimes you have a female that weighs 18lbs and
a male that weighs only 12lbs.  So there goes that thought.

                        If you plan on showing then you should know that you can't spay/neuter so you would have to put up with your little female going into heat which happens twice a year for about 3 weeks each time. You never have this problem with a male. And of course, if you are not showing or breeding then you need to spay/neuter anyways and then you don't have this problem with either.

                      With this being said, I hope I haven't discouraged you from wanting a female because they are sweet too but I just want you to keep your options open and consider males as well.  We can't predict how many males or females will be born in a litter.  
Alot of the time, breeders keep more of their females so it seems to be males that are available more often so don't look forever for
a female when that little male will love you just as much........................  

Contact: Robin Jamieson

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