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Tail Wagging CavalierJAMIESON CAVALIERSTail Wagging Cavalier

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Prince Edward Island

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Jamieson's Charmed Piper
Ch. Sheeba Slumdog Millionaire CGN  X Dreamwoods Ashes At Jamieson  
Link to Jamal's page. X  Link to Ashes's page.

Piper was born here so lots and lots of pictures so
click enter to see pictures of Piper's parents and siblings.......  ENTER

***Please scroll down and enjoy pics. of Piper growing up!!!***

Piper all grown up and just beautiful!!!
Link To Piper's Page

Piper all grown up and looking soooo BEAUTIFUL
even as A Mommy!
Ashes and her pups. Ashes and her pups.

Don't just look at me... You made me drop my bone.

Piper at 9 months old with her Mom Ashes.
Piper at 9 months old and her Mom Ashes at 4 years old. Piper at 9 months & Ashes 4 years old.

Piper at 6 months old thinking... "Hurry up so I can sleep."
Then of course... she sure does!
Piper 6 months old. Piper 6 months old.
Piper 6 months old. Piper 6 months old.

Piper at 6 months... Thinks being on top of Mommy Ashes
is the best place ever but I'm running out of room for my toys with
her on here...  :)
Piper 6 months & Ashes 4 years.

Piper at 4 months old all snuggled up on my lap.
Love this picture!  :)
Piper 4 months old.

Piper at 9 weeks old taking over my chair...   :)
Female about 9 weeks  Female about 9 weeks

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