Paws Walking

Tail Wagging CavalierJAMIESON CAVALIERSTail Wagging Cavalier

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Prince Edward Island

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Casey and Jake sleeping with my nephew. Casey, Jake, and Caleigh on blanket.
Caleigh out in the boat. Caleigh out in the boat.
Jake sleeping.  How sweet is that? Caleigh sleeping.  It's not safe to put your luggage down at my place.
Caleigh, Marley, and Lady outside relaxing. Caleigh, Marley, and Lady.

It's not safe to lay on the couch around
All piled up on the couch with my brother. All piled up on the couch with my brother and one of our boys.
All piled up on the window and woodbox. Jake and Caleigh snoozing on my chair.  Not sure how Jake's comfortable?
Caleigh out in our boat sitting with my neice.  She just loves the boat.

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